Turn the administrative headaches over
and just practice medicine.

At ENT Administrative Services LLC, we provide all of the administration needs to medical practices and groups. This includes all of the day to day billing needs to the groups. This entails everything from start to finish in the billing process working the claim from submission to payment.   ENT Administrative Service can also provide a vast variety of other group needs as well. Recruiting and hiring is one of the advantages we offer.

We handle all of the payroll process and issues for the groups including deductions and benefits for all of the employees of the groups. Verifying time sheets and ensuring the payroll is accurate before its submitted.

Scheduling all of the patients for all of the physicians and mid-levels happens in our facility as well. Each physician has their own preference on time slots and patient’s needs to be seen. Our well trained schedulers handle each physicians schedule as it is the only schedule they have.

Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) are handle for all of the groups as well. We can adjust this to fit each clients need. Some prefer us to handle it all while others like to handle their own AR and let us do their AP or visa versa. Monthly statements are sent to each physician including all income statements and overhead allocations.

We also offer:

  • Meetings can be scheduled to accommodate any schedule to review any and all of the services provided.
  • Contract review with payers is also offered to ensure providers are getting the correct reimbursement.
  • Lease review of is also part of the menu of services provided.

When you are ready to turn the administrative headaches over and just practice medicine, give us a call at 734.793.2973